Friday, January 1, 2016

My Achievements so far during 2015....

2015 was a great year. The year where I found most of my vulnerabilities/bugs and was listed in big-time companies' hall of fame :) So here are the list of my achievements during 2015 (excluding duplicates):

*Found Stored XSS in Facebook's Parse (reward)
*Found multiple XSS in Edmodo (swag)
*Found XSS in Pinterest (reward)
*Found XSS in Heroku (reward)
*Found XSS in Magento (reward)
*Found Subdomain Takeover in WePay (reward)
*Found 3 XSS in Slack (reward)
*Found multiple XSS in Answerhub (swag) - writeup coming soon
*Found XSS in Zendesk (reward) - writeup coming soon
*Found Subdomain Takeover in UBNT (reward) - writeup coming soon
*Found 2 Subdomain Takeover in Tagged (reward) - writeup coming soon
*Found XSS in Western Union (reward) - writeup coming soon
*Found XSS in Google Docs (reward)

Well that's all. And all of them were made possible with the help of my brain and God :)

Thanks for reading!


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